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Whether you specialize in clinical, health, wellness, skin, nails, or hair, you deserve a prestigious environment in which to grow your business. Leave the traditional salon politics behind, and join the movement with some of the most successful innovators in this industry at Universal Salons.

Your business should afford you maximum independence, financial freedom and a luxurious setting that will wow your clientele. Set your own hours. Establish your own prices. Take control of your success. Your empire awaits you at Universal Salon Suites. Lease your full-service salon today.


Are you an established salon professional, looking to have your own independent salon in a prestigious atmosphere? Do you want total creative control over your space? If yes, then it is time to think outside of the SALON! Time to get away from the politics of the typical salon setting and establish a business that you can truly call your own. At Universal Salons, we allow you that opportunity of individual privacy and financial and creative freedom. Whether you’re a startup or expanding your business, Universal Salons has a solution to suit your needs.

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